Playable Water-being

White Water-being

Black Water-being

Black Water-being

Water-being is the most common class in Hero of Many. They are very small but can be dangerous if someone leads the properly. The White ones are called Friends and are peaceful unless someone attacks them.  On the other hand the Black ones can be named Enemies and are aggressive and started war against their white oppossites. Water-beings can be led by Ball-shaped Creatures. They can grow in size if they eat enough things. They eat their other size oppossites, white fruit and some other things.

Friends are reproducted via eggs. They have to help their youngsters to get out of it. On the other hand the Enemies can be reproducted by infection of Friends through Black Mass. They can also be produced by Black Balls.

What are they Edit

It was noted by some people that they look like sperm or tadpoles. They are most likely fishes as they have fins.

Known individuals Edit