Earth Dragon
Some attributes
Name Earth Dragon
Status Alive
Faction Unknown
Other attributes
World Green World
Class Dragons
Number of appearances 1 level

Earth Dragon is a character in Hero of Many. He attacked Hero as he tried to take one of Green Seeds. Hero was then pursued by him but Dragon left him when Red Queen showed up.


  • He is one of two giant dragons in game.
  • He is the only dragon to attack Hero and survive if you don't count little dragons in stomach of Giant Fish.
  • It is unknown if he is part of either dark or light faction. It looks unlikely that he is part of Light Faction as he attacked Hero and his swarm. On the other hand he stopped his attack as Red Queen showed up which indicates that he was tasked by her or someone else to protect the seed against anybody who would try to steal it. It is also very possible that he is not part of any faction.
  • He was seen in trailer of the game.