Daemon Dragon
Some attributes
Name Daemon Dragon
Status Unknown
Faction Dark
Other attributes
World Grey
Class Dragon
Number of appearances 1

Daemon Dragon is a character who appeared in level 25. He is very similar to Earth Dragon but has different head. He attacks Hero and his swarm as he pursues Black. Daemon Dragon is one of the most dangerous creatures in game but swarm eats his fash and badly injures him. In the end he retreats and is unknown whether he recovers from his injuries or dies. 

Fight with HeroEdit

He tries to eat Hero so player has to avoid his mouth because it doen't matter how much energy he has. Daemon's bite is mortal allways. Player has to move around his head so his swarm gets to parts of Dragon's body and eats it. All Dragon's flesh has to be eaten to beat him.


  • He is one of two giant Dragons in game. The other one is Earth Dragon.
  • He is the last character to be fought by Hero's swarm.