Black-and-White World
'Black-and White World' is a minor world in Hero of Many. It appeared in 24th level when Hero was presumably dead. The world is hostile and full of Black Water-beings and Kraken's tentacles. The only safe place is in light that ca Hero come across if he find it. In the end Hero meets Green who helps him.

It can be guessed that this world is after life as Green is at the time dead. Another strong possibility is that the world is just a hallucination. Player can hear song Torture Chamber as he is in the world. It suggests that Hero could be whole time in the Torture Chamber which was seen in previous level.

The Steam version features an Achivement that reveals that the world is Afterlife.


  • Characters from this world:
    • Green
    • Probably all deceased Characters.
  • Number of levels: 1